Japan's Largest Beer Brand Asahi Super Dry

Explore the captivating journey of Japan’s Largest Beer Brand, Asahi Super Dry. Uncover details about the brand, its parent company, revenue, and market share. Delve into its international popularity, awards, and discover other major beer brands in Japan. Sip in the essence of Asahi Super Dry’s success story.

Asahi Super Dry: A Brewing Triumph

Brand Name: Asahi Super Dry

Launched in 1987, Asahi Super Dry has carved its niche as a pale lager renowned for its refreshing taste and dry finish. Its name echoes its essence – a superior brewing achievement by Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

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The Crisp Sensation

Discover the unique brewing process that gives Asahi Super Dry its distinctive crispness. From carefully selected ingredients to the precise brewing techniques, every step contributes to its unparalleled taste.

A Journey Through Time

Travel back to 1987 and witness the brand’s birth. Explore the challenges faced and victories achieved, establishing Asahi Super Dry as a household name in Japan.

Company: Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.(Japan’s Largest Beer Brand)

Asahi Super Dry is the brainchild of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd., a brewing powerhouse overseeing a myriad of beverages. Dive into the company’s history, values, and commitment to delivering quality beverages.

Brewing Excellence

Uncover the secrets behind Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.’s success, blending tradition with innovation. Learn how their commitment to excellence extends beyond Asahi Super Dry.

Revenue and Market Share

In fiscal year 2022, Asahi Super Dry reported a staggering ¥2.2 trillion in revenue, approximately $16.2 billion. Explore the financial prowess that places it at the zenith of Japan’s beer market with a 40% market share.

Fiscal Dominance

Delve into the financial landscape, understanding the economic impact of Asahi Super Dry’s revenue and market share. Unravel the strategic decisions that fueled its fiscal success.

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International Acclaim

Global Palate

Beyond Japan’s borders, Asahi Super Dry conquers international taste buds, available in over 90 countries. Explore its global journey, becoming a symbol of Japanese brewing excellence.

Awards and Accolades

Asahi Super Dry’s trophy cabinet boasts a gold medal from the prestigious Monde Selection beer competition. Uncover the criteria that make it a champion among beers.

Other Major Beer Brands in Japan(Japan’s Largest Beer Brand)

Kirin Ichiban Shibori

Explore the unique characteristics of Kirin Ichiban Shibori, a major contender in the Japanese beer market. Understand how it competes with Asahi Super Dry.

Suntory Premium Malt’s

Suntory Premium Malt’s adds diversity to Japan’s beer scene. Delve into its brewing techniques and market presence alongside Asahi Super Dry.

Sapporo Black Label

Discover the rich flavor profile of Sapporo Black Label and its contribution to the variety of Japanese beers. Compare its market position with Asahi Super Dry.


Yebisu, with its long history, stands as a testament to Japan’s brewing legacy. Uncover how it complements and competes in the market alongside Asahi Super Dry.

FAQs: Quenching Your Curiosity

How did Asahi Super Dry earn its name?

Asahi Super Dry earned its name from its superior brewing process, resulting in a dry finish that sets it apart in the beer landscape.

What makes Asahi Super Dry the best-selling beer in Japan?

Asahi Super Dry’s crisp taste and dry finish resonate with Japanese consumers, making it the preferred choice by volume and market share.

Why is Asahi Super Dry popular internationally?

Asahi Super Dry’s international popularity stems from its distinctive flavor profile, making it a global ambassador of Japanese brewing excellence.

What awards has Asahi Super Dry won?

Asahi Super Dry has been honored with a gold medal at the renowned Monde Selection beer competition, showcasing its recognition on the global stage.