Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia: Indians who made it in the Enterprise Technology category

Forbes has released its ninth edition of the “30 Under 30 Asia” list, recognizing 300 young innovators, leaders, and trailblazers under 30 who are making significant strides in various industries across the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s list features prominent young talents from diverse fields, showcasing their contributions to innovation and industry transformation.

forbes asia 30 under 30(30 Under 30 Asia)

Among the honorees are India’s Akshit Bansal and Raghav Arora, co-founders of Statiq, and Bhagya Shree Jain, founder of The Disposal Company. Bansal and Arora’s enterprise, Statiq, operates a comprehensive network of electric vehicle charging stations across India. With $27.5 million raised, Statiq is projected to generate $9.9 million in revenue in 2024 and plans to expand its network to 16,000 charging stations by 2025.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia
Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

Bhagya Shree Jain launched The Disposal Company (TDC) in 2020 to advocate for plastic neutrality and sustainability. TDC advises consumer goods companies on minimizing their plastic footprint and facilitates the trading of plastic credits. Additionally, the company supports waste workers by ensuring stable wages for their recycling efforts.

The 2024 list also highlights other notable figures such as the K-pop girl group Ive, Singaporean track and field athlete Veronica Shanti Pereira, and Ryosuke Takashima, Japan’s youngest mayor from Ashiya City.

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Forbes’ Asia reporters and editors evaluated over 4,000 candidates, with an independent panel of judges assessing criteria such as funding, revenue, social impact, scale, inventiveness, and potential. The panel included industry luminaries like Roshni Nadar Malhotra of HCLTech, Kai-Fu Lee of Sinovation Ventures, and S.D. Shibulal of Infosys.

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30 Under 30 Asia
Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia: Indians who made it in the Enterprise Technology


Highlights from the 2024 List (Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2023):

  • The Arts (Art & Style, Food & Drink): Cian Dawson, 29, Co-founder of Gym Bod – Australia
  • Entertainment & Sports: Voice of Baceprot, Metal band – Indonesia
  • Finance & Venture Capital: Aleena Nadeem, 29, Founder of EduFi – Pakistan
  • Media, Marketing & Advertising: Erica Eng, 25, Comic artist – Malaysia
  • Retail & Ecommerce: Yoomee Hwang, 29, Co-founder of YOLO – South Korea
  • Enterprise Technology: Zhu Yueyang, 27, Founder of Small Eel – China
  • Industry, Manufacturing & Energy: Akshit Bansal and Raghav Arora, 29 and 28, Co-founders of Statiq – India
  • Healthcare & Science: Zhang Zhiqian, 28, Founder of Tidetron Bioworks – China
  • Social Impact: Bhagya Shree Jain, 29, Founder of The Disposal Company – India
  • Consumer Technology: Johnson Lim, 29, Co-founder of GetGo – Singapore

This year’s list showcases a diverse array of individuals from 21 countries and territories across the Asia-Pacific region. India leads with 86 entries, followed by China and Japan with 32 each, Singapore with 27, Australia with 26, and Indonesia with 18.

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